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Sister Johnson - 12/25/2023

Merry Christmas!!!

Whoa what a week! Being a missionary during this time of year is so much fun, hearts are a little softer and Jesus is spoken of a little more. We have spent the week spreading Christmas cheer, sharing Christmas messages with everyone, inviting everyone to the Christmas service, and snowflaking member's doors! Sister Jackman and I are laughing now more than ever and cannot believe it is already Christmas! We have been able to talk with so many people and bring them a little more hope during this Christmas season. I have found that it can be a really hard time for a lot of people. 

This week we actually decided to text a lot of people that have been previously taught by missionaries. We wished them a merry Christmas and asked them how they are doing. Super simple but from that we have been able to go over and share lots of Christmas messages with people and have gotten a lot of responses. That has been a little miracle.

We also had our Christmas conference this week and it was lots of fun to see so many missionaries. I even got to see President King (the branch president of the Hilliard YSA branch). There was beautiful music and great food! It was fun. 

I've been thinking quite a bit about what the world would be like without the Christmas story. Every single thing in this world that causes me hurt, guilt, sadness, shame, and anger would be permanent. We would live in a forever dark and hopeless world. I love my family so much and I love to laugh with them, but without Christ we would be so enveloped in the hardships and trials that there would be no laughter. I love to walk on the beach and collect sea glass, without Christ there would be no beach or mountains or even peace. I love to sing, without Christ there could be no music, no beauty, no rejoicing. I'm not trying to be depressing but I have felt the most grateful for my savior when I have understood what we would be without him. But because a baby was born in the humblest of circumstances and grew up to live a perfect and atoning life, I can have joy, family, creation, peace, laughter, beauty, and so much more. This time of year is wonderful because it is a reminder of what we have been given. I know today is Christmas, please enjoy your family, presents, and treats, but take some time to consider what the world would be like without the birth of our Savior and then thank your Father in Heaven for loving us that much and giving us His only son. John 3:16 I love my Savior so much! I hope I portray that enough. 

This week considering the names of Christ made me happy! Especially "Our Hope"

P.S. One of our friends said "I was thinking about going clubbing on new years but then I thought no, Imma go to church" I thought that was the most beautiful thing.

Thank you everyone for all the Christmas Cards! I love seeing everyone's faces!

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