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Sister Johnson - 12/11/2023

Howdy everybody!

To be completely honest, I cannot remember what happened this week. We are officially bed bug free!!! funny enough the very same day that we are inspected and cleared, we found.... a cockroach. LOL You may be asking yourself, "how did they react to this? Well we reacted the same way we have reacted to everything else crazy that has happened... We laughed. We named him Frederick and he spent the next two days with us in a jar. 

Well you know how last week we hadn't moved yet? Well we still haven't. Fingers crossed, this week we will be in our new apartment. 

This week we had the cutest little relief society activity. We decorated Christmas ornaments. It was the cutest thing and we were covered in glitter afterwards. We also helped a lady in our branch set up Christmas this week, which resulted in more glitter. Basically I have been covered in glitter all week, but what can I say I guess I shine:) 

Some huge news is that each week our members are getting more callings! That means our branch is growing! We gained a branch missionary, relief society secretary, and da da dahhhhhh and young womens president! You heard it! We are forming youth programs! On top of that we are teaching some youth too, so we are trying to help contribute to the growth of our branch. To say I am excited in an understatement, this cute little branch is growing right before my eyes and I am in love with it!

We had a big win this week with Latoya too. Thus far she has been very socially converted. She has come to activities and participates in our Sunday classes. Her son, Juan, is 10 years old and seems to be comprehending better than her up to this point. He is in a science class with another boy in our branch so they are both pulling their parents to church. This week we went over to Latoyas for a lesson with just her. We set it up as an object lesson she can teach to Juan, and we were hoping that the object lesson would help her understand a little better too. It totally did! The restoration finally clicked with her and she is even talking about going to church in Jamaica over the holidays!

This week I just wanted to share that I listened to the YSA devotional from Elder and Sister Holland last year. They talked about how the gospel is meant to be simple and filled with hope. I realized that I need to focus more of the simple truths of the gospel. I know this is simple but I just wanted to remind each of you to keep the gospel simple and beautiful. 

This week Sister Jackman made me really happy!

Sister Johnson

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