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Sister Johnson - 11/27/2023

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

You heard it! We did infact bike 73.3 miles this week and it was awesome! On Tuesday we had some great lessons with Angel and Chasity. We taught Chasity about forever families and the blessing that knowledge can bring. On the way over it was pretty overcast but not too rainy. When we got out of the lesson, it was pouring rain! What else could we do just hop on our bikes and head home. To say we were soaked when we got home is quite the understatement. But I can say it was so much fun! The next day while we were out, it started raining again but this time it was also hailing!! In the middle of all this sister Jackman's breaks broke! There we were on the side of the road in the hail and rain with a broken bike. But God is so good, this random man ran up to us and not only fixed her bike but also taught us how so we wouldn't be stuck if it happened again. And just like that he was gone again. He was such a miracle to us!

Thursday was thanksgiving! Because our branch is so tiny we were not invited to go anywhere for a Thanksgiving dinner. However we got to visit with eddy and spend sometime with him (he doesn't have any family here). Then we went over to Sister Balls house. Sister Ball is the most stubborn 84 year old you'll ever meet. I love her so much! She has been sick recently but was really sad to not have a Thanksgiving meal so we went over and cooked one for her. It was super fun! She gave us all the instructions and we cooked. We made a roast, some sides, sweet potato pie, and pound cake! We all had a really great time together:)

We have been able have incredible lessons this week and it has been so fun to introduce Sister Jackman to all our friends and our cute little branch. She is so quick to love everyone and she keeps me remembering how incredible each of these people are. We have not stopped laughing all week too! Basically I just love her so much!

I also wanted to ask everyone to please pray for Erica. She has grown to much but is running into so obstacles and she needs some mighty prayers of faith for strength to do hard things. She has so much faith and can use all the angels she can get! Please please pray and fast for her. 

Today I just want to testify that I know that my God makes weak things strong. I am weak in so so so many ways. I fall too far short too often but I cannot be more grateful that I worship a God who has that kind of power. I am working on a lot of things. I am trying to be 1% better everyday and to be honest I'm not very good at it, but I can trust in the love of my Savior. He never quit and he never wavered because of how much he loves us. For that reason I cannot stop trying. Everyday Christ makes my weak parts a little stronger and all we have to do is not give up. I hope that this can bring a little bit of comfort to someone because this message brought that to me this week. We always talk about quitting sin, but we don't talk enough about the sin of quitting. We are not expected to be perfect right now, that would defeat the whole purpose, all he asks of us is our effort and his promise in return is strength, strengths that will move the work forward immensely. I love you all and I love my Savior. 

This week soggy shoes made me happy!

Sister Johnson

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