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Sister Johnson - 10/30/2023

Hola fam!

What a week! This work is so rewarding it is not even funny. This week we were biking out butts off and I enjoyed almost every minute!

We had some amazing moments this week but I will only share two. 

1. We had a lesson with our friend Erica! She came with so many questions and we had our relief society president join over the phone. We taught her about Joseph smith's first vision and our relief society president shared with her some relatable things about how Satan works and how he tries to stop us from doing what is best for us! Erica made the realization that last week, when she didn't come to church, Satan was working hard on her. To help her feel more comfortable and to help us get to church we arranged that she would pick us up and that we would go to church with her! We also taught her how to pray and holy cow! I think my favorite moments on the mission have been when I have taught people about their personal relationship to Heavenly Father and how they can talk to him. She closed out lesson with a beautiful prayer (her first one out loud ever) where she asked God to give her strength to get to church on Sunday! Well when sunday rolls around she picked us up and we all went to church together and had a wonderful experience. 

2. We were talking with this random guy (Jordan) on the street. He wasn't interested at all in learning more and her lived in a very Hispanic area. So, I asked him if he knew of anyone that spoke English that we could talk to. He said "oh yes! The lady in number 5!" Then he runs up, and knocks on the door for us. He was giggling to himself as he ran inside his own door and told us not to say that he was the one that sent us. Well Latoya opens the door and is this sassy lady from Jamaica. She is amazing and right off the bat is very interested in learning more about the Book of mormon. We also found out later that her son and a boy in our branch are in the same science class and are actually good friends! We set a return appointment and said goodbye. We started to walk by Jordan's apartment and he is leaning against the screen window listening in! Although still not interested he was very glad to be of help and invited us in for what he said was the best coffee in the world. I guess I will never know.

This week I spoke in church about the covenants that we make with God. I wanted to share a little something I learned. As I prepare to take the sacrement every week, I have learned to apply the sacrement prayer. Christ said to do this is remembrance of him, so I try to really remember what he did for me. The more I think about what my Savior did for me, the more I want to do for him. I think that is why Paul invites us to crucify ourselves with christ. I have a worshipful sacrement experience when I choose to put something on the alter of sacrifice, that is the sacrament table, in order to have the spirit with me. I love my Savior so much! I can't even describe what he has done for me and I don't even understand it. It doesn't make any sense but that is how much he loves us! 

I love you all!

This week pumpkin cookies made me so happy!

Sister Johnson

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