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Sister Johnson - 2/20/2023

Hey everyone!

This has been probably the best week of my mission. Sister Allphin and I work so hard and miracles are everywhere! There have been so many instances where we should not have been able to get to where we were, but doors literally opened for us, and we were able to reach so many people! We are finding tons of new friends to teach, and the most exciting thing is that almost all of them are super promising. Our teaching pool is growing like crazy and we do not want it to stop. Our companionship has an amazing urgency about it, but it also has such an understanding of how imperfect and inadequate we truly are. It has caused us both to rely on God so much, and in turn we have had miracle after miracle. We can both honestly say that neither one of us is leading this companionship, and because of that Christ is able to bring some incredible people closer to him through us. I am just so honored to be so close to this work that I get to watch it unfold.

This week we taught Xavier the last half of God's Plan of Happiness for his children. After a very cold, but very spirit filled discussion, we asked Xavier what his experience with the Book of Mormon has been like. He said that as he reads it feels right, familiar, and true. I loved that beautiful and simple testimony. I think my own testimony of the Book of Mormon is like that. I knew that the Book of Mormon felt familiar, and I knew it was good. Because it felt good, I knew it was right, and because it felt right I knew it must be true. It is that simple. Isn't it incredible to know that our own testimonies increase just as our Savior increased, grace for grace and line upon line.

A scripture that comes to mind is John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease." As we strengthen our testimony and allow it to increase, we must do as John exemplified. In all we do we need to turn ourselves and others to Christ, so that we may decrease and Christ increase. I would encourage each of you to consider something in your life that currently is coming before Jesus Christ, we all have them, and allow it to decrease so that the Savior of our very souls can increase his involvement in our individual lives. I love you all so much!

This week Scott Clark Toyota made me happy! I am finding that Sister Allphin and I can make a good time out of anything!

Sister Johnson

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