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Sister Johnson - 2/13/2023

Hey! I won't be long today, but there have been some awesome changes! I am no longer in Lenoir! I will miss it so much but I am super excited to try something new. I am serving in the Hilliard YSA ward! I am in the city now and working with young single adults which is very different from being in the country working with families. I have also been called to be a social media specialist in the mission.... this was interesting. I was first a little shocked and felt like there was probably a mistake with it because I will be honest I am not the biggest fan of doing social media missionary work. I have such a strong testimony of it and I know it works but I still prefer knocking doors... believe it or not. However, as I have started this new assignment I have gotten super excited. There is so much work that goes into being a social media specialist that I never even knew! We have been so busy working on our area and working on social media in our mission. I have never been more busy. We have been working after 9 every night and  during lunch and dinner times. So it's been a crazy few days to say the least. But our ward has so much potential and a ton of inactive to work with, plus a bunch of apartments to knock! I love being here! I love the ward! I am excited about my new assignment! And I love my new companion! Sister Allphin is so fun to work with! We have so much fun but we also work so hard! It's amazing. 

My highlight this week was that Sister Goldsberry and I got to take Tammy to the temple to do baptisms right before I left! It was such a beautiful experience and there were so many miracles that got us there! I know that God is willing to provide a way for us to do his work! He is still a God of miracles, and he wants to provide them for us!

I love you all so much! Have the best week ever!

This week living by the hermanas made me happy! We have so much fun!

Sister Johnson

P.s. Go Chiefs!

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