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Sister Johnson - 8/29/22

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Hey everyone! Well it has definitely been a week. My last few days with my district at the MTC were awesome and I was so sad to see them leave:( I know they are all where they need to be, but it is still hard to see them leave. My last day at the MTC was hard because the new sister I got paired with got sick, so I stayed at home with her all day. I did get to go to devotional though which was definitely the highlight of my day. 

The next morning I woke up early, and went to the travel office. We sat there for awhile, then we hoped on a bus that would take us to the train station. That was like a roller coaster because those bus drivers have no chill. We got dropped off at the train station, and took the train to Salt Lake, where we got on another bus to the airport. Salt Lake Airport is awesome because they have a special security and check in spot for missionaries. At the airport we had shake shake (best meal I have had in weeks) and took off. 

President and Sister brown picked us up from the airport, and they are just the best, we had dinner with them and interviews with President then off to bed. The next day we went to the mission office and jumped right into new missionary training. I met my trainer, Sister Chappell, and I could tell she was going to be great. We played some knock out or lightning which is something we do here all the time... I stayed in a few rounds then Sister Brown got me out:/ fun fact is that Sister Chappell hates driving, so I am the driver this transfer. At first I was certain it was a blessing until I had a little machine telling me to slow down, so now I'm still deciding. 

My first area is called Lenoir. It is veautiful her and the people are so humble. We are tracking a ton because we don't have many people that we are teaching, but I actually love knocking doors. It feels like I really am putting all my sweat and heart into it. Everyone here loves God but already has their own church. So we get a lot of rejection, but people are still super nice. 

Our ward is awesome and wants to help the work which is a relief. It feels like all the people we are teaching have all kinds of obstacles stopping them, but this work shouldn't be easy so we are figuring it out. I am currently trying to learn ASL so that I can communicate with a girl we are teaching! Once again... the work isn't supposed to be easy! Following Christ is not an easy path in the moment, but it is always easy. I understand that life has its moments, but enduring to the end is part of the doctrine of christ! We got this, keep enduring.

I know that I am supposed to be here, but I can already tell it is going to be a challenge. I love this gospel and I want everyone to hear it. One of the missionaries going home shared with everyone that he related to Mosiah 28:3 which says that "the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble." I love this scripture, and I want to be that kind of missionary. I love this gospel and I am so excited to share it, I just don't entirely know how yet.

I love receiving emails so please email me tender mercies in your life, pictures or really anything.

This week upbeat missionary work music made me happy!

Things to google:

1. Does salmanila come for the inside or the outside of the egg?

Sister Johnson

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