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Sister Johnson - 1/1/2024

Hey everybody!

I am writing this way too late so this may be brief. We has a great week! 

Latoya and Juan are doing well and are in Jamacia, they are trying to get to church but it is 2 1/2 hours away. If they make it, it would be incredible! Keep them in your prayers please. 

We had interviews this week with President and it was terrific. He taught me about appraising and what to do if a bear attacks. We also counseled a lot but I learned a lot of unexpected things. It was awesome.

We had a great experience with our friend Chastiny. We went over for a lesson this week and we invited her to start reading the book of mormon. She asked us for a chapter to read and we were debating between Alma 32 and 3 Nephi 11. She said that she would just open the book and if it aligned with the one that we chose then it was a sign that god wanted her to read the book. We were really hesitant with this plan but we figured that if she didn't pick one of the chapters we were thinking about, then maybe she needed to read that one instead. Well she opens the book right to Alma 32, we freaked out! It was awesome!

We also had the best food on Friday at our recent converts house. She made us Ugandan food and holy it was so so yummy!

My thought this week was from our incredible district council. We all were invited to memorize a Christmas hymn, and we all sang them at district counsel. It was so powerful to worship together through music and rejoice in the birth of christ. We also had a training about having effective studies and since then my studies have been even better. It was an amazing counsel and I was reminded how well music brings the spirit. Take sometime this week to worship through music. 

This week working at the giving machine made me happy!

Sister johnson

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