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Elder Ziebarth - 5/22/2023

Another week another dollar. This week we got rejected all week again. Its crazy how this different sector is almost neighboring (i dont know how to spell neighbors anymore) my old sector but how we have had no success here. I literally talk to everybody on the street i mean everyone and we have gotten only rejection for 2 weeks. But last night we saw a miracle and taught a lesson! Fun fact we found our first new and taught our first lesson in this sector. And we were hyped. But yea. Other things that happened this week is i bought a ski mask so that i can rob people of false doctrine. And that chile is frickin cold and wet bruh. Also i think i have like almost 8 months in the mission or thats what my comp tells me. Like what the heck bruh i just got here. Also this is the church of Jesus Christ if you did not know.

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