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Elder Ziebarth - 11/28/2022

Holy crud nugs this was the longest week ever. But holy crap was it sickkk. I made it to chile and man is it beautiful here. my mission is just super green mountains and it smells like Tennessee. I got soooo lucky to be called to one of the few areas right on the beach. Im in a old minning city called Lota. When chile was communists they would dig coal out from under the ocean. But after commism died they cut it. Which is hard because everyone here are minners. They still are too. Probably 60 percent of men here are gone half the month because they go up to antofugasta to work 14 on 14 off. Because there is just no work here. Most people here have nothing and yet they feed the missionaries like pigs. We eat pretty much rice chicken hot dogs and freakking bread so much bread. Everyone here just eats bread. Even the wild dogs. The dogs here are fat because everyone feeds them (including us) so they will be nice. And the dogs just stay in their spots. Like the dogs in the photo below live outside our house. The one im feeding is my favorite his name is gordito because he is so fat and cute. Our house here is so funny. We have 4 elders in this place and its pretty rough round the edges like my room is on the second floor and the ground dips down when i walk on it. Also my companion elder adams said that this place was like a boat in rough waves during the earthquake a couple weeks ago. Church is also so different here. So its all branches for our whole mission. Our mission president is the technically the stake president for all of southern concepcion. Our branch is actually pretty big we had 40 people this last sunday thanks to the missionaries here before me. And all the members are pretty cool from what i can understand. The spanish here is not spanish its chilean. They do not say their s's unless its at the beginning of the word. Everyone here just sounds like they have a lisp and it makes it so much harder to understand. But im already getting used to it. I can probably understand 40 percent of what people are saying. Unless its the old guys because they speak in the same form as the book of mormon. They think they spanish king arther's. So yea chile is really sick. I might chsnge my mind a bit when winter hits but this place is a dream. I cant wait to be able to fully communicate and actually teach people but we are getting there. 

Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadero. Yo se que si somos dignos jesus puede caminar con nosotros. Dios te ama. 

I love you all

Elder Ziebarth

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