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Elder Ziebarth 11/16/22

Holy crap it's p day again. I'm so close to the field. The missionaries going to Chile got a bit of a scare this week when a lot of them were getting reassigned so I thought I was gonna get one too but for now I'm good. Also everyone I talked to that got reassigned got it canceled. So it's looking like I'm still flying out Monday. It should be a crazy week. Also this last week me and elder Wallace got chosen out of the whole mtc to basically rate this place to a general authority who's coming on Thursday. Do I know the name of the general authority, No. Would I know who he was if they told me, probably not. But it's still sick. My teacher said we got chosen because she thinks we are the most honest missionaries when it comes to how we feel about this place. MOM LOOK AT ME NOWWWW!!! I GOT A MEETING WITH A GENERAL AUTHORITY!! don't be surprised when they turn the 12 apostles to the 14 apostles. Also don't be surprised if Mexico mtc doesn't exist in the next couple weeks. It's crazy to think I've been here a month. I saw a group of missionaries get here last night and it felt like I got off that bus yesterday. Oh I almost forgot the best part. So there is this building on the campus that's got blacked out windows and me and Elder Long have been wondering what's inside and yesterday we walked by and the door was opened and I kid you not there were these guys in full hazmat suits inside. Idk if I watched too much Breaking bad before the mission but according to my calculations there may or may not be a full on meth lab beneath the CCM. Soo yea that's about it. The Monday after this one I should be sending out an email from chile. Kento I'm gonna have to figure out how to connect to wifi when I'm in a big bowl of chili.

DC 19:23

23 Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me

Jesus lives and he is with us always. He loves you more than you will ever know and he's always listening. If you just believe, it's enough for him to help and guide you. "I believe help thou mine unbelief"

I love all of you. Enjoy a movie and some music for me. 

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