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Elder Ziebarth 11/9/22

Well it feels like just yesterday that i wrote my last email. The first week there was so much to talk about cause it was all so new and now it's just CCM haha. Week one felt like forever and the longer I've been here the quicker it's gone. Only a week and a half and I should be shipping out to Chile. Which is siiiiicckkkk. My Spanish is coming along slowly but surely. I am at the point where I can finally understand most of what my teachers say. I don’t need the people in my class to translate for me anymore. But at the same time i was at the temple last week and some old grandpa with one eye was talking to me and i didnt understand a word he said. Honestly, kinda scary. The food here also has not gotten any better like one day they served these tacos with not meat inside but mushrooms. Which I dubbed mushroom tacos. Except for a couple days ago they served freaking french toast and I swear I ate like 22 pieces. I had to store calories for the long cold winter of ccm. Me and Elder Wallace shaved our heads and we are now the BUZZ BROS. We always joke about how good we look. “Dude Elder Wallace you look goooood” “Oh dude Ziebarth i was kinda thinking about how good you looked” and we do this all day and everywhere. Somehow it's still just as funny as a week ago. We also kinda got in trouble for buzzing our heads at the same time. Apparently by getting the same haircut we are starting a missionary gang or something. But then the president of CCM complimented our hair so we were good. So yea not much happening here. I cannot wait to go to chile and eat real food. I could eat monkey brain soup and as long as they put some salt on it it would be amazing. Its been nice to be here. We can't do much which is hard but then you learn to appreciate the small things and will do anything to keep entertained. It's been sick cause ive had tons of time to just read the book of mormon which if i'm gonna be honest have never fully done. I'm like halfway through and its actually super cool. The spirit speaks so strongly when you are clean from distractions and you can just read. My favorite scripture right now is 2 Nephi 7:1-2

1 Yea, for thus saith the Lord: Have I put thee away, or have I cast thee off forever? For thus saith the Lord: Where is the bbill of your mother’s cdivorcement? To whom have I put thee away, or to which of my dcreditors have I esold you? Yea, to whom have I sold you? Behold, for your iniquities have ye sold yourselves, and for your transgressions is your mother put away.

2 Wherefore, when I came, there was no man; when I acalled, yea, there was none to answer. O house of Israel, is my hand shortened at all that it cannot redeem, or have I no power to deliver? Behold, at my rebuke I bdry up the csea, I make their drivers a wilderness and their efish to stink because the waters are dried up, and they die because of thirst.

The Lord doesn’t sell you away. He is always there for you but you have to invite him in. He has the power to do anything and he is on your side. Elder Bednar talked to all the MTC’s last night and he talked about how Jesus can walk with us and in us. SO yeah i got one more of these to go and ill be in chile. Love you all

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