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Sister Roberts - 10/31/22

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

This week was a looooooot of cleaning. Moving into an apartment that has been owned by Elders for 5 years requires some love. We really went all in, but I can focus now and feel the Spirit again! So all is well!! For reference: on our first day we went to the leasing office and told the lady about all of the repairs we need, and she was like, "Ah I figured some things were out, the whole five years they haven't asked us for one thing!" It was bad, and they still haven't replaced any of our lights.

Happy Halloween! We have to be home by 7, so I'll catch y'all in my living room with the burnt out light bulbs ✌ It's still spooky in there for sure. Thanks Elders.

The funniest part is that in our mission wide group chat one of the apartment ladies sent a text a few days before we moved in saying "Shout out to the elders in **the apartment I am now in** for leaving the CLEANEST apartment I have ever seen!!!!" or something like that and then when we got there she was walking around like "...I think I've been made the biggest liar in history Sisters this isn't clean I'm sorry." (FOR ANYONE READING THIS EMAIL THAT KNOWS WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT DON'T YOU DARE MAKE THEM FEEL BAD what happens in the weekly STAYS in the weekly)

So I feel like that's kind of what we've been doing all week is cleaning and scrubbing and trying to make our apartment actually smell good.

But we did get to go to 3 trunk or treats! That's the bonus of triple covering. Last year I was in the MTC on Halloween so we kind of got left out. Me and my companion dressed up as Elders, classic.

Last week we also had an activity with the Relief Society where we made caramel apples and the President was so proud of my chalkboard writing skills that she had to take a picture, so here you go.

Spiritual thought for the week: The Plan of Happiness is YOUR plan. It's not one size fits all, but your plan is uniquely tailored and custom-made for YOU. 

Conference talk to read: "Is the Plan Working?" Elder Ochoa, April 2022 General Conference 

Have a great week! Stay safe, send me pics of your costumes ⬅️ PLEASE!!!!! :)

❤❤ Sister Roberts

Pickleball squad x2


Me and my companion with my sign

Me with my sign because Sister Taylor cut my companion out of the picture hahahaha you can see her fingers 💀

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