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Meanwhile in Sicily...

Ciao a tutti, I have been working very hard down here in Agrigento. The summer heat has been manageable. I have been driving the car and I have seen a lot of crazy roads, fires, and insane drivers. It makes every day fun. I am almost done with my application back to the Academy and a I'm 95% confident I will get back in. It will be nice when it's official though. Over the last few P-days I have visited the Greek temples and have visited Palermo often. You might be interested in the pictures on the link below. I am the new district leader for the Palermo district which is a huge area, it's about 60% of Sicily. If we had 1 more set of missionaries it would be it's own zone. That's all I have for now. Send me a message and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Miss you guys, Anziano Blake


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