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Elder Blake - 5/3/2023

Hey everyone!

I, for these few weeks, I will be summarizing my areas during my mission.

I had a great start to my mission. Home MTC was a one of a kind experience.

Despite the difficulty of learning Italian online, it was nice to be home for a few weeks because before then, I was off at the academy. I remember it brought a good feeling in the house as well. During this time, I remember going up to Santa Rosa to see my friend run a Half Ironman and go to San Diego with some members of the ward. I was a little bit lost when it came to the language. Online learning can be difficult. It was there when I started to realize what my purpose as a missionary was. Then, just like that, I got reassigned to the place I previously prayed not to go, Utah. Soon thereafter, I was on a plane to Salt Lake City, then a car to Ogen Utah.

I learned many things there from my companions, Elder Blan and Elder Hair. I had to always be ready to teach a principle from Preach My Gospel and use a scripture in every lesson. I found that I LOVED TEACHING it was a chance to help people come closer to Christ by knowledge then application afterward. That short 6 weeks was a perfect time to get adjusted and see what great zone leaders look like.

Then I got transferred from Ogden West to Ogden East Stake, with Elder Christiansen. He had a dry but funny sense of humor. It was a hard transfer. I learned how to work that transfer, and I didn't know how to do anything, I changed a lot, and so did he that transfer, which was really cool to see. I turned 20 that transfer, and it was nice to celebrate it with those I was around. Shortly after I got a call from President Holley that I would be going to the Italy Rome Mission, my visa came through. 

A lot of funny things happened during those 2 transfers, but the coolest moments were 

• going to Stake leadership meetings 

• meeting Elder Christopherson

• Seeing 3 people Baptized 

• Meeting cool members

• Giving my first priesthood blessing to an exmember of the church 

There are many more cool things that I learned during this period, but this is just a short summary of what I learned and experienced.

-Anziano Blake 

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