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Elder Ziebarth - 12/5/2022

Idk even know anymore I feel like i'm writing these everyday. Weeks are definitely fast. Its very busy here. We walk knock and talk all day. And when we arent doing that we study to be better at it. Its a grind for sure and my trainer elder adams does not play around. He is a professional boxer and he is hardcore. We do crazy detailed and boring studies. And we don't stop working till the time is up. He is a really good missionary and its really hard for me sometimes. Following every rule and being perfectly obedient is not easy, almost impossible because there are so many. But as hard as its been its been a huge blessing. I've realized that following the rules and giving it your everything makes the whole mission easier. It makes it fun. And god helps you out a whole lot. I have never been so close with my Heavenly father than I am right now. Seeing people we are teaching who have gone through hell light up when we come and share our message with them. Its amazing the peace and joy you can get for bringing him into our life. Chile is an amazing country with amazing people. The spanish here is really bad. Even the people know it. Its crazy just hearing it all the time, its slowly just making more and more sense. The house im in is good there is enough hot water for 2 of us to shower. So greenies go at night trainers get morning. Its rough to be a greeny haha. There is no air conditioning or heaters here which is scary especially for when winter hits. Also there is just holes in the walls that go to outside. I just found out today that summer hasnt even started yet. It starts in a week or 2. Which is really weird. One weird thing this week is we met this family and their 8 year old daughter knew perfect english like i mean perfect. Accent and everything. She almost sounded like a doll. And she learned off of youtube like whattt. So yea another week down.

Love you all.

Here are some photos from this week.

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