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Sister Watkins - 1/2/2023

Hey guys howzit

This is what i've been up to 

My roomies. 

You know how when you go get yourself nails done and the girl doing your nails is talking about you in vietnamese? And you don't know what she's saying, but you know it's about you? Well that's my life. Except I CAN understand. But I just listen. lol It's hard haha but I asked God to humble me so that's what is happening. During those moments I feel lonely. But that's when I really turn to prayer and the scriptures. That's helped a lot. 

One night I went to bed before the others and I heard my comp talking about how she doesn't like training me, or other gringas, because of cultural differences.I was soooo mad and went to bed angry, because I thought we were getting along really well! The next day I ignored her until I read my scriptures and prayed. Ofc my scripture study had exactly what I needed to read and decided I had a choice of how I reacted. I decided that I needed to just get over myself and keep being friends with her. 


Humberto got baptized! Humberto is awesome because his testimony is really simple, but he knows that there is importance in the simple things, and he is obedient and has a lot of faith. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he couldn't read it because he doesn't have glasses. (The guy doesn't have a phone or a car either, and he lives in a furniture store lol.) BUT me and the other girls I live with went over to his house/store for asado and he had it opened on his shelf. I asked him if he had been reading it and he ran and hid it and said he hadn't been with a goofy grin. We all laughed because he had been reading it. The best part of humberto's baptism was that his older brother (who we found is a member) came. His brother was SO happy about his little brother getting baptized. It was cool to see because I was reminded of my little brothers and how all I want for them is to be happy and have God in their lives.

 Loco hombre 

So remember the crazy guy? Well we ran into him again. He was following all four of us this time. I noticed he was following us and told the girls to walk faster. He caught up to us fast and Hermana Amarilla totally yelled at him and told him to leave us alone. Her scary Spanish made him go running. Thank goodness for her. 


Cambios are happening! I'm moving and getting a new companion. I've gotten close with the girls I live with here despite the differences, and I'm so sad to leave them! I've learned so much Spanish from them and they've seen me progress so much. On Christmas, Hermana amarilla (the hermana in the other companionship) came up to me and gave me a hug and said in English, "I have proud for you." She's so sweet and I've had fun learning Spanish from her and I've also had fun practicing English with her. It's sad to say goodbye to the girls here because although it wasn't always easy, we had a lot of fun and I learned alot from them. 

I love being a missionary. It's so fun to talk to so many different people about religión and spiritually. I love it. And I love sharing something so important to me to ther people. 

I also love the challenge and the discomfort I am feeling, because I know I am growing during those moments. When it gets hard in the house, we leave the house and I see things I never have seen before, and I realize my problems are small. 

Helaman 4:10 

And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will

Helaman 4:13

And because of their boastings in their own strength, they were left in their own strength

I love these verses because when we rely on the Savior for help, we become so much stronger because of his DIVINE direction. But, if we do not remember or follow him we will be left in our own strength. Also, its so important to remember that we must not fear man, but we must remember christ in all things because he is eternal. 


Hermana Watkins

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