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Elder Ziebarth - 3/6/2023

Sorry i missed last week. I just want to start by saying a mission is like a little life you can live. And in life we have our good days and we have bad days. And these past 2 weeks have been the really hard ones. From a million reasons. But I have learned that satan knows our weaknesses and if we just let him in a little bit he will break us down from the inside. Little by little dragging us down. These 2 weeks have been a reflection. A reflection of why im really here, what made me come out in the first place? And to answer my own question for me it was an act of faith . Before my mission I didnt know that joseph smith really translated the book of mormon and saw jesus and our Heavenlyfather, i didnt know that they really live i had never seen them, i didnt know if this was the true church, i didnt know why i should serve a mission. But I learned That through prayer we can receive help in our lives when we have faith. And that to really know christ is our savior we have to pray and read scriptures and serve and really want to know if he is. Nothing comes from doing nothing. Answers only come from action.  What i do know is that these things are true and i wont deny it till i die. That Jesus christ lives and this is his church. And that joseph smith Restored his church. I know that the book of mormon is true and that with it we have the whole gospel of christ. i know that not from seeing it but from having a desire to find out and acting and receiving my answer. I love everyone of you from the bottom of my heart because yall my family. I wont get taken out easy but your boys dying out here. Love ya

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