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Elder Ziebarth - 1/30/2023

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Hollla compadritos soy una misionero no mas. This one is gonna be quick shout out my mom for making me write this. Right now this lady in our rama is making up lota boy shirts because we go so hard. And we are gonna shave our heads and cut lines in our eyebrows and wear our shirts. Tune in next week to see the results. My shirt says ivan drago on it because chileans think i look like him (Yes chileans watch rocky). Also lota boys are near the end because cambios are in 2 weeks so all the members are trying to party it up with us. Also i got to go to concepcion aka the promised land last monday. I went into a lider which is the chilean walmart. They just call it lider because it's a copyright thing. But i went in and i almost cried because it looks just like American walmarts and I have been shopping in a dirty little unimart for 3 months. They had peanuttttt buttteeerrrrr. So i bought some. And i had a pb and j and it tasted just like a regular pb and j so that was awesome. Also the sun here is like a nuclear bomb on the skin. Im ivan drago and then on sunny days im rojito (little red). Missions are hard but the blessings and miracles are great. For me the mission is hard and sad sometimes, but the serving helps me feel happy. True happiness. To see someone cry and tell me they dont feel alone anymore because they feel the presence of god is amazing. Because it is. You can feel his presence when you choose to follow him with real faith. I love you all and so does god. Because he sent his son to take all the sins in the world so that we can live with him and our families again and to be happy for forever. The ultimate sacrifice because we aren't perfect but we can become perfect through him.

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