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Elder Ziebarth - 1/2/2023

Chuta bro here we go again. Word of the week is almorzar it is the act of eating lunch. Eating lunch is a verb along with breakfast and dinner. "Ooiii compadre vamos a almorzar" or in english "yoooo bro lets go have lunch". well we had a good week this week. we got 3 people getting baptized on the same day. And 1 getting baptized in a river. Yewww. My man juan carlos who is gonna get baptized in the river asked us if he could dress like they do in Book Of Mormon videos we have been showing him for his baptism. "Uhhhh juan no sé amigo probablemente necesitará llevar blanco" chances are this dude is gonna show up in a robe and sandals. Well cambios were yesterday and im staying in lota for another 6 weeks which i am hyped about. Because chances are this is gonna be the only area im next to the beach for. Also i get to hangout with danielito for 6 more weeks. Well thats about all besides we still get feliz navidad yelled at us alll day. I dont know if it will ever stop hahah.

Pero yo tengo un testimonio sobre está evangelio una testimonio de jesucristo y jose smith y El Libro de Mormon. Todas estas cosas son verdad. Ustedes pueden saber y tener un testimonio propio de estas cosas por medio de oración y por medio del espíritu santo. Dios quiere que ustedes sepan de él y ustedes tengan fe de su hijo unigénito. Yo se que estas cosas son verdad en el nombre de jesucristo amen.

I love yall so much i miss you watch some movies and listen to some music for me haha. Also make a list of good ones so i can join you in like 22 months. 

Elder Ziebarth

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