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Elder Ziebarth - 12/26/2022

Well everyone it was a crazy week so imma just go. "Chuutttaaa" this is a chilean word used all the time. It means like ooohhhh thats tough. Or ooohhhh thats hard. When in doubt in chile just say chuta. Because then they look at you like well he didn't answer that correctly but he is definitely chilean Or has been here for a while haha. Also we are famous now. After a christmas party the other day we were walking home with our guitars singing to people and one lady filmed it and put it on tic tok. And now its got like 800k views. we got a call from our presidente that a general authority saw it and loved it. We got on the local news and everyone recognized us on the street yesterday and we were getting honked at a lot. It was cool. Also this week i found out that there are waves here. I thought there wasn't in this town just because there is an island blocking a lot of the swell and its been flat. But I was talking to this guy we are trying to get baptized. And he started talking about how during winter these huge Ola's (waves) will crash right on the sand. I started talking to him more about it and he said that against the cliff there is a wave that will roll for a long time and he said that there are guys who come to surf it. Man i want to meet a chilean surfer haha. Also this week we set up 3 baptisms woooohoooo. So awesome to see people we have been teaching progress. I love the people here. Chileans goo soooo hard. Well thats what i got for this week. 

I know that God is our Heavenly father and he sent his son jesus christ to suffer for us. So that on the day of judgment God can have mercy. Jesus was perfect and loved us yet he was still crucified. I know he lives and loves us. I know that through him we can live with our families forever. I say that in the name of jesus christ amen.

I love you all merry late christmas haha.

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