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Elder Ziebarth - 12/19/2022

Ok whats new. Hahah. I can finally teach full lessons with my trainer which is fun. He helps with translating still because they are so hard to understand sometimes but its so cool to see progression. Yesterday was the world cup so nobody came to church haha chileans man. Today we are moving houses because they dont want missionaries in groups of 4 anymore so its a sad day. I had to epi pen my companion cause he ate nuts last night. he was super scared to get it so he made me do it. I was freaking out because i was about to load up a scared professional boxer with literal adrenaline. But it worked. I found a stick in my backyard and i was poking him to make sure he wasnt dead this morning. And i still have 2 more weeks with him as a trainer haha dannnggitittt. My man talks about how he has never lost in boxing and a freaking cake with some macademia nuts took home the trophy. this week we found 5 new people to teach which is awesome. We found 3 of them just knocking some good old doors. Its crazy how as a missionary people share everything about their lives. Like one of the guys we found was in a sketchy neighborhood and we went into his house and i had a really bad feeling and i looked to my companion and he had the same look. Well we taught anyways because thats what we do and by the time the lesson was over the feeling was gone. He told us after that this year his mom got brutally murdered, he got his house robbed, and his girlfriend left him in the middle of the night with his kid all in the same month. He was just consumed with darkness and you could feel it in his house. Jesus lives and his light is real. Satan is here and his darkness is real but can only be cast out with light. (Throw this part in translate if you want) Nosotros tenemos una escoge. Queremos luz? o queremos oscuridad? La luz es jesucristo y su evangelio. Por medio oracion y la fe y aceptando su nombre nosotros podemos recibir su luz. Su luz es esperanza y paz y gozo. El quiere lo mejor para nosotros. Su luz es en todos partes. Nosotros necesitamos actuar en fe para recibir su amor y su ayudar. Personas necesitan este iglesia. Puedo ver la luz en sus caras cuando mi y mi compañero enseñamos estos verdades. Yo se que el vive y ayudanos cuando nosotros intentamos para recibir este ayudar. Yo se que este evangelio es uno de esparanza. Yo se que en el nombre de jesus cristo amen. 

Gracias por ustedes apoyar y amor. Mi español es mas mejor y estoy siempre aprendiendo. Te ama.

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