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Elder Ziebarth - 1/23/2023

Noooooo. Elder smiths girlfriend dear johned him last p day so we went and bought him some cake and ice cream and i played some sad boy emo songs on my guitar. Cake and sad boy music can fix any broken heart. The work has been good, it really dont change much. A mission is kinda like groundhog day where you wake up the same way and do the same thing every morning. And the longer you do it for the quicker it goes. Like im already halfway through my second cambio and it has felt like a couple days. We found out one of our good friends has been borrowing money from people from the ward and not paying them back, which killed us to find out. I always wonder why things happen the way they do on the mission like what God's plan is for them. Well i do know there is a reason for everything trials are here to help us grow. If you're not having a hard time you're not growing. I like to think whenever something hard happens how can this help me grow or help me be a better person. Getting through hard things is about patience and trust. I love you all listen to a good song for me haha. 

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