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Elder Ziebarth - 1/16/2023

Lo siento my friends it was a busy couple weeks. Don't have much time on the phone on p days but I'm gonna try to get them every week. The past 2 weeks have been great. My Spanish kinda just clicked last week. Im still not perfect at understanding but I can speak. The work has been great, me and elder Adams fast like 2 times a week even though your not supposed to. And we just hit prayers in the middle of busy sidewalks when we have too. We go hard. And now that he is district leader I do a bunch of intercambios with elders which keeps it interesting. My job is to work hard while they are here because they have problems with working and sitting on facebook all day. Its crazy because most missionaries have facebook and I haven't even seen it since Mtc. But its good because it would just be a distraction anyways. Well elder smith broke his finger this last p day doing a flip. My boy lives in the hospital. All the members worry about him. They think he is dying or something because he has gone to the hospital almost every week. Everyone is good and i miss you all. god loves you!


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