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Elder Ziebarth - 2/20/2023

The weeks are like days and the days are like weeks. Time does not exist here on the mission haha. It feels like a groundhog day of pdays. The week was crazy because there was fires super close to lota and we got evacuated and are staying in the house of zone leaders for a couple days. Its funny because for the past week i was just so tired and wanted to take a break and then i got a 3 day break and it suckksss. Now im just dreaming about knocking doors and having crazy chileans yelling at me again. Missions just weird like that. God saw i was getting a little tired and just stuffed me with days of not working until i said ok i really want to go work now haha. Also i have my new native companion from Argentina, Elder lizarraga he speaks a ton of english! Or thats what he says… he really speaks none haha. But when im done with him he is gonna speak like a full blown all american gangster. I also give him his nights of "only english" where i speak in only english but then i translate right after so he knows what im saying. But for real he has been amazing to help me understand more spanish and speak a lotttt better. But my mission goes on because god wants it to. Because he called me to be right here in chile to preach his gospel. Everything has a purpose even if you never see it. I love you all so much!

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