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Elder Ziebarth - 2/6/2023

¿¿Que pasa calabasas?? Well my last full week of this transfer and i will finally be done with training which will be dope. This week was kinda crazy. Tuesday we went to a non member family's house for lunch and they were pretty funny people and live on this beautiful cliff next to the ocean. And when we were gonna bless the food they said hey can we do it. And proceeded to do a like song prayer where they were singing and rapping for like a minute blessing the food and their family. We tried so hard not to just die of laughter. Probably the funniest thing i've ever seen. Also when we were at this house i saw a group of surfers surfing on a sick little break. The first time i've seen chilean surfers and a good wave. Also the chile is burning down right now from fires. And one of them is the city next to mine and one of these fires literally took out an entire city. So we did a bunch of service this week fighting fires and saving families from burning houses and such. and its been raining ash for a while. Its like pompeii. But other than that its been the same just sharing the message that i love to share. The message that joseph smith really did see our Heavenly father and his son and through this started the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ. The true church of god. Its crazy because i speak very basic broken spanish but the people listen and learn because the spirit really does testify of all things that are true. I Love this gospel because it changes people. It changed me and all the people I'm teaching. I hope you all can learn about this gospel and just accept it and let it change you. Because it will for the better. I love you all!!

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