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Elder Ziebarth - 2/13/2023

Here we goooo. I'm finally getting a native!! Which will be nice because i dont know how i have even learned anything with how much english i speak. But it will be good to just immerse myself in it. So the 2 trainers are leaving and me and elder smith are staying. Elder smith is a little bugged by me so when we got cambios i picked him up just screaming telling him how excited i was. And he was not so happy haha. But i get to hike the mountains of lota for a while longer which is uhhhhh good. The only problem in lota now is that 8 thousand dollars went missing in tithing money so i'm gonna be doing a lot of member visits so they dont leave. I honestly can't remember what else happened this week haha but what i do know is that i taught about jesus and his love for us and i had lots of help doing it. When you learn to rely on his gospel more you will notice how things just get easier. Not anything big but just easier and more at peace. Ive learned that pain is just something we have to go through to enjoy the good. And we have trials for this reason but if you rely on him the feeling of never ending darkness just lifts. I can tell every one of you that he lives. I cant see him or talk to him face to face but i can feel him throughout my days. And i know joseph smith really did see the father and the son not because I saw it. but because when i read about it and talk about it i feel a raging fire in my chest telling me he really did. I stay out here because i know its true i love you all.

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