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Elder Ziebarth - 3/27/2023

What up broddies I'm sorry I haven't gotten a good letter out in a bit. I had a rough last couple weeks but I have made it back to the grind. I actually got put as district leader last week which has been really fun to do. The mission has been great. lots of hard times to learn and grow and laugh. At first I was kinda bummed when I got casted out to the zone leaders but it's actually been so fun. Me and Elder Rundquist are laughing it up all day and Elder Richey don't like it. Also the sector here is awesome. In my 3 weeks we have set 4 fechas. The funny thing for this week is we had a Lunch with the bishop here who really didn't love the missionaries. And I brought up the fact I went famoso for the feliz navidad video, and he brought out his old guitar, and next thing you know I was making sad emo boy music with a 40 year old Chilean bishop. I love you all thanks for being you. I challenge you all if you feel not happy to just go help someone else and you'll notice that you'll find it again. Until next week bonitos.

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