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Elder Ziebarth - 3/13/2023

Well peeps another week goes by. I got emergency transfered because I was having a rough time and now I'm with 2 zone leaders. Honestly im still going downhill and actually had a crazy experience this week. Where I can now say there is opposition. God loves us and wants to help us but Satan is also there trying to take us down at every turn. But now I'm in the city and the work is a lot better. More work to do which is always good. My funny story this week is that we were at a members house and she was telling us a super long story and was mad and would say permiso and then proceeded to say all the bad words. Let's just say the notebook was out and I was writing things down. To anyone out there who is thinking about serving a mission or even not thinking about it. Just do it. Missions are hard but I don't regret a day of my mission. Worse that happens is you go home early but you tried. Missions change you for the best. Everyday you learn something new. There are many challenges during the mission but you just learn to endure them and see the good in every bad day. God loves you. And so do I have a good day

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