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Elder Orgill - 7/3/2023

This week has been full of miracles! I have truly come to know the meaning of the phrase, "planting seeds". As missionaries, we plant a whole lot of seeds, and then we leave the area without really ever knowing if the seeds will grow! 


     These past few days I found out that a couple we taught for months in Candelaria, Estefania y Diego, got baptized this last week!! Also, a few weeks ago, we visited a new convert and her friend was there. She didn't even seem that interested and we almost didn't even write down her number. Long story short, we passed off the reference to other Elders in her area and forgot about her. We sent her a message a few days asking how it went with the missionaries and she responded "all good, I got baptized and everything heehee". At first we didn't believe her but then she sent us pictures of her baptism and pictures of when she went to the temple a few days ago! It's crazy thinking about all of the seeds we have planted here in Colombia!


     Our friend Martha came to church for the first time yesterday and stood up to give one of the sweetest testimonies I have ever heard! She's so great. Also our friend tania got her test results back and doesn't have cancer so that's a relief. Tania, her mom, and Martha are all going to get baptized at the end of this month. I'll be home by then, but I hope to be able to watch virtually!!


     Every time we meet someone new I tell them that I am from a different country in South America and most of them believe me haha. Colombia is fun, has great food, pretty dangerous, and has some really humble people. Kinda sad thinking that I only have a week left here. Oh well, see yall soon.


     -Elder Orkheel

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