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Elder Orgill - 6/19/2023

     Howdy! Sometimes on the mission I feel like a therapist. Two separate youth our the ward are having massive faith problems and doubting everything! We were sent to help them out and give them encouragement. One of them got his mission call and everything but decided last moment that he would throw everything away! Kinda sad, but this week we have given a lot of blessings and tried to help a lot of people out.


    Our new convert Marileida is a gospel sharing machine, she has already introduced to like 6 of her neighbors and given out like 5 copies of the Book of Mormon! It's so awesome seeing how excited she is to share with others what makes her happy!


    The two kids that were going to get baptized this month, Brenda and Jesús just randomly went on vacation. That means I will be home when they get baptized but it was cool being a part of their conversion! We have been teaching a part member Venezuelan familia, la familia Quiroz. The 9 year old son Michael is super smart and has been progressing a ton, he asked US when he could get baptized! The 8th of July will be his fecha.


    Don't worry, we keep on eating lunch with hermana blanca our pensionista. A few days ago she made us tacos and burritos, they were so flipping good. I think I am going to stuff her in my suitcase and take her home with me.


    And also, happy Father's day, Fathers



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