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Elder Orgill - 6/5/2023

            Hey yall! We received transfers, I will be finishing up my last 5 weeks of the mission here in libertad, with my homie Alvarez! I love this area, we have the best pensionista (member who gives us lunch everyday), my companion is great, so overall I am super happy to finish here. Transfer-day was crazy, we had to literally wait all day for some elders coming in from super far areas. They didn't have phones, so we just had to wait until their bus/taxis got here.


    We also had a little noche blanca (white night) where three of our friends got baptized! Shoutout to Sergio, chelcy, and Amparo!!! It was a little sad because our little friend Juan Estevan's Mom didn't want to give permission for him to get baptized, and his uncle doesn’t have legal custody :(. He might just have to wait 10 years until he's 18 to get baptized!) The baptism was organized by the stake, so surprisingly we didn't have to do much! It was so beautiful, so many members came, and everybody was so happy!


   On Friday we were in patio bonito pretty much all day with Elder Cacuango so he could say goodbye to members and so that we could clean their disgusting house before the new Elders got there! 


     The vast majority of our recent converts are active, which makes me super happy. A few of our friends have let go of the iron rod and went back to the world, but we know that one day they will miss the happiness they felt here and want to come back! I have no idea how to say it in English but most of them have hermanos ministrantes so at least they have some members watching out for them. 


     Yesterday we visited our converts Anderson/family and made a Colombian style cake with them! After two years in Colombia, I still don't know how to cook anything, but at least I have almost figured out how to make rice! I love this country and the people here. These past two years have been an incredible experience. Love you guys, bye




-Elder Orgill

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