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Elder Orgill - 5/22/2023

    🖖  Hey friends, just winding down my last transfer here in Colombia, seeing a lot of miracles. We have four baptism dates for June 3rd; Sergio, Amparo, Juan Estevan, y Chelsy! All of them are progressing super well and getting to know the members. In the different lessons with Sergio, we have brought practically all the young men. He already feels like a part of the group! He anxiously keeps asking us when he can pass the sacrament with his new friends jaja.


     The ward secretary gave us a list of all the new converts from the past two years, it's kinda sad cause we only knew a handful of them. This week we have been working our tracero off calling them and visiting as many as we can! It was cool seeing a few of them come to church again for the first time in a while.


    Bogota weather is weird, half the week it has been super sunny and hot, and the other half it has just poured absolute buckets. I always feel bad getting to somebody's house just dripping all over, but we are like the UPS and always get there 🚚😂


     This week we have almost gotten robbed like 6 times, but gracias a Dios nothing happened to us. Now we have a secret code word (scooby doo) and have had to run like twice jaja. One guy asked us for everything we had, I tossed him a pear that I had just bought, he looked at me all confused and we booked it! Fruits save lives.


     This p-day we went to a field as a zone to play soccer. I saw like 15 random guys throwing a football around and thought I was dreaming. Turns out that there are a handful of people here in Colombia that play flag football!! We got to play with them, I was a little rusty, but they were excited to have some Americans playing with them. 


That's pretty much a summary of my week, chao 👋🏼 



-Elder Orgill

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