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Elder Orgill - 5/29/2023

By far the highlight of the week was when we got together as a Zone to film a movie about a wrestler who gets his power from the Book of Mormon. We had to make a video as a Zone for a Facebook live thing, and we all decided on the whole nacho libre idea. We spent the whole morning laughing and filming these two wrestlers (el tiburon y la bestia) to find out that true power comes from reading the scriptures! Afterwards we got hardcore lectured by president and the movie was not approved but overall, we had a great time! I'll put a collage below so yall can get an idea of how the video went.


      On a more spiritual note, this week we have helped our friend Sergio a ton with some family/school/commandment problems, repentance is awesome, and he is still planning on getting baptized! 


     We also had stake conference this past weekend, a lot of our investigadores were able to participate and we met a lot of less active members. Our bishop is a little interesting sometimes, but our stake president is a beast! He talked a ton about the members and how they need to help the missionaries more, it was a really good conference. 


     We had to walk a buttload this transfer due to the combining of the two areas. After two years in the mission, I am totally used to walking all day, but we have some lessons that are like 1.5 hours away from each other! It's all good, they are going to announce the transfers this Wednesday and are probably going to send two more elders our way! We'll see what happens, hasta luego!


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