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Elder Orgil - 6/12/2023

   Hey guys!! This week we had an in-person leader meeting with all of the leaders of the mission! We talked about a lot of problems in the mission and about the goals we want the mission to have this next year! We also had our zone conference yesterday with President, we are going to focus on helping less active members this transfer. A ton of planning this week but everything turned out great!


     I am finishing up the "my plan" program for missionaries at the end of their missions. I just did the section of temples and dating; it was cool learning about the importance of eternal families and how the mission prepares us for all of that!


    I love my companion but these past three months together we have eaten so much fast food. He is a bad influence on me haha. The mission is weird because you walk all day but you eat horribly! It's gonna be hard getting home and not eating a ginormous lunch every day. They are also trying to take my pensionista away from me because she lives like one street out of our area. That us not a fight they are going to win, I love her and she cooks so good!


     Some funny things that happened this week:


-Some random lady tried to come into our apartment while we were doing exercise, now we use all of the locks on our door


-I rolled a coin in front of a group of little kids and they all got into a fist-fight over who gets the 200 pesos



Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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