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Elder Orgill - 6/26/2023

    Another week went by, a lot of exciting things have happened! First off, we have some missionaries in our zone who haven't really done anything since they got here, so we had to do some fun emergency exchanges! We were able to set up a lot of lessons for them and teach them how to work a little better in their area. Being zone leader is cool, we are able to help the missionaries of our zone a ton!


    The Church released a new preach my gospel book and completely updated the area book app! There are so many changes and modifications, it's awesome knowing that we have a prophet that talks with God and receives revelation for how missionary work should be done in our time. I don't really have much time left to study it in the mission, but it specifically states in the new manual that it is for ALL members to learn more about sharing the gospel! I think it was a great change.


    The two biggest soccer teams in Colombia, los millionarios y el atletico nacional both got to the nacional championship and played this last Saturday! Everybody is a diehard fan of one team or the other, so every family was split this past weekend. We were in the apartment parking lot calling people and inviting them to church, while squinting and trying to watch a little of the game through a neighbor's window haha. The millionarios won in penalties! It was crazy after the game, everybody was drinking, lighting off fireworks in the street, and getting into fights all night. I barely slept but todo bien!


     A few days ago I had to act as a translator for one of of the members who was presenting his business over zoom to some Chinese guy in New Zealand or something. It was funny cause I couldn't even understand the dude from New Zealand and I've never studied big business words about bitcoin or anything like that, so I had to just make up a bunch of words in English. I barely even understood myself talking, I hope the member doesn't lose his job 😂



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