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Elder Balzer - 3/6/2023

I did some exploring in the apartment and found this secret spot in my desk behind the top drawer. I found this Spanish CTR ring that says HLJ and I don't know what it means. I also found this weird gold rock and the best find was this vile filled with some strange liquid and a preserved moth. I have no idea what was happening here, but I think someone was trying to be an alchemist or something 🤔 I wonder what else I'm gonna find here. 

This week has been crazy from Monday night.

We started re-teaching a past friend who has gotten off probation. That's just what his background info said along with needing first presidency approval and I'm not going to side step them again, no more of that. Plus I don't want to especially with this guy; we had to call president Matos for more information and all I can say is this. To me it would have been better if he had just killed a guy. Moving on

We had interviews Tuesday and we are revamping our LSI teachings up. We also got a huge mike drop from Sister Higley. I took a lot of notes that I've been looking back too cause the trainings were all so good. Then we had a great Book of Mormon study/lesson at night. We went over the story of Abinadi with the 10 commandments. 

Wednesday I got to have my Fort Hunt service and it was so awesome. Nothing feels more exhilarating than duel wielding and swinging two machetes while clearing dread brush, vines, and trees. Then we got an awesome history lesson/tour of the park from Owen. We saw the old entrance and of course I'm recording these cause they're gold. 

At night we stopped by Ellis couple again to start teaching them and helping Frank start progressing again. We've had a lot of progress and they are going to start zoom church and having the sacrament come to their home. He will start coming in person, even if we have carry him out in his chair; he's just going to have to put pants on cause no one else needs to see as much of Frank as I've seen. 

Thursday we started teaching a recent convert and basically reconverting her cause her testimony and knowledge just ain't there. Sloppy work past Elders, now I've got to clean up the mess. 🤦‍♂️

I also dropped my first member, yeah not friend, a member. 5 weeks of getting ghosted, nah man, no way, no more, she's dropped along with a few other friends. Poor Medhi, spent 18 years slowly finding the church, only not to be interested in changing, poor guy 

What was awesome though was teaching two full families and I busted out my primary skills and made visuals for the lessons. So far I have the restoration with a paper, pen, tape, and a flashlight. Then I have a gospel lesson with a full paper cutout footstep trail I made along with an oil in a cup activity with pepper and soap. The best was the Hawkins family cause the kids were walking the trail and they were all sitting around me for the oil cup, it was so adorable. I'm going to be a primary teacher, watch. 

The other was the Saos which was also so great. We almost put the nonmember father DeShawn on date, but he threw a curve ball saying he was already baptized. So we have to do some investigating 🔎 on our end to figure it out, but he wants to be ready to baptize his daughter in June. 

So back to Thursday, it was in the evening and I felt prompted to stop by these less active members. They lived in a care home due to their needs being a little special, but it was awesome. They were both really cool and it was one of their birthdays that day. What a miracle it was to visit them.

We also had a mission zoom that recovered our trainings. New LSI, improving our studies and prepping for our contacts with scriptures prepared, improving our companion studies with more roleplays, and setting a goal of doubling the number of people we talk too. 

Friday was an exchange day with Moo Moo Meadows(the Huntley Elders). Okay I got hit with every type of nostalgia and deja vu working g in my old training area again. It was so cool to know more of the area then they did, and I even got in touch with people I've taught and they remembered me which was so awesome. Working their just felt so good, it felt different as well cause now I actually know what I'm doing. I miss Huntley Meadows, the hood, but I'm fine with just visiting. 

Saturday started great with church basketball 🏀 and it's really picking up cause the members have been invited friends to it. Anyway I balled up and we went to change for a lesson after except I realized I didn't bring pants. So I dress up in everything with shorts on; it was ridiculous, but I owned it. 

The lesson went well though. 

Then we had an evening exchange with the ZLs and I was with Elder Wheeler working in the MV square 🟨. It felt like old times being with him plus we found some wacky people; satanists and people saying a picture of Jesus is idle worship, so you know the usual. We also had some great counsel about the district, zone, Elder Larson still, and he got on me for canvassing which makes sense cause I picked it up from Centreville. 

I loved it and I got some cool things for the apartment and the others Elders got some cool things done as well. 

Sunday was really nice. Church was good and I gave my testimony(Im doing it Mom) which a lot of people loved. We also talked to this cool guy from Pakistan 🇵🇰 that the Fort Belvoir Sisters are teaching. 

We met our referral Eric and started teaching him and he likes it, he's a new friend and it's lookin nice with him. Also he looks almost exactly like Prince and it's kinda eery, but kinda cool. We also had the Elders with us cause we gave a blessing to Sister Hansen for her allergies and it worked. I've learned a lot about blessing and the faith behind it. 

The Elders starting talking with these 3 dudes who hang out every Sunday. It was really funny cause 1 of them only speaks Spanish and the others don't 😂,  but they laugh and have a good time. 

Then we found some secret townhouses in Belle View which was cool.

Today was crazy and I barely have time to write this, I'm finishing it tonight. 🙃 

We played chair soccer and volleyball with the other Elders and said bye to Elder Gray before he finished the mission. Then we helped the Kingstowne Sisters move out of their haunted apartment and I blessed the home asking for angel sentinels. 😇 

For a fun story we thought Elder Hiner went hoke due to a complete misunderstanding. It was so funny cause the whole zone thought it. 

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