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Elder Balzer - 2/27/2023

Yeah some people just aren't the biggest fan of missionaries. They mock us, scorn us, and bash us. They call us solicitors when we are just proselytizing for Jesus(well, maybe i should stop charging for the Book of Mormon, I'm just doing what they did back in the day, but its not good). 

Finally some cranky old men threatens to call the cops on you and your companion is spooked; so what do you do in that situation. We'll you smile and wave while walking up to his neighbor and knocking their door all while saying have a good day. Sadly no police came, shame, I was hoping to talk with them and ask them about the Book of Mormon. That's two free people called that I can talk to and I ain't wanting to pass up that opportunity. 

That just happened yesterday and I was just having the time of my life. Nothing makes you feel more powerful than doing the work despite opposition. I'm at the point on the mission where rude people, bashers, and nut jobs have become more of a nuisance than anything else, it's just easy now. That's the beauty of having personal experiences and a testimony of my faith; it makes it a lot easier to stand up to opposition. Plus I also have Jesus on my side with Him being my boss, along with having the Holy Ghost as a companion and on top of that I'm a missionary for God's one and true church restored today. I just have to stay faithful and true; never boasting of myself, but of my God. 

Even earlier in the week some lady tried using revelations on me and I shut that down quick, then I got tonexplain it to a green missionary I was with. Good times

Yeah I was with Elder Hiner for an exchange day on Thursday. That was just a miracle day with some many awesome experiences. We found some really cool people and set up some lessons. The best one was this past friend who I've been trying to meet. He lives in a home with others and some lady said this was our home too; so I just walked in(best way to get past the smokescreen) and we sat on the couch while trying to call him. He answered and we said we're in the area(by that i mean im in the house) and so we ended up meeting with him and he wants the discussions again every Monday evening. 

We also finally managed to meet a self referral who wants to learn about the church and gave discussion, so we set up a day to visit. 

We also met some other cool people and I tried to hunt down a vampire 🧛‍♀️ , weird story.

Our friends are doing good, except one fell off the face of the earth and the other is dragging his feet. Although Racheal is just being the most elect person confirming her own meetings. This Tuesday is going to be jam packed and the Book of Mormon study is all set up. 

The last one was really good the members that joined helped out a lot. We covered Alma 41 and 42 cause it talks more about the plan of salvation. We had a really good discussion on agency, mercy and justice, personal accountability, and how we can know these things. Racheal has been marking up her scriptures and loved it, after we gave her a church tour as well amd she talked about coming. 

We've been staying in contact and having some really funny conversations with her over texts. 

I had a really cool spiritual moment when I gave my first baptismal interview for Dee, Huntley Meadows friend. It went super great and she bore the happiest testimony and have the happiest prayer. It moved everyone in the room. 

The ward is doing awesome here and is doing a lot on there end for missionary work. They've made their own website and pass orange cards to go with it. Plus they are planning a good amount of events ahead of time for us to invite people too. 

One last point is this cool thing I heard about the Book of Mormon, specifically 3 Nephi. 

Christ appears in the ruins of the city bountiful. That city was built during a war by prisoners to trap them. So of course the chain breaker would come to that city to minister to the people there. It's all symbolic and I love it.

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