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Elder Balzer - 2/6/2023

What up my people, 

Yesterday I ran into the CIAs version of Q(the guy who invents and builds the gadgets for agents). At first glance it seemed like an ordinary street to knock, but then we see two houses with full blown train tracks in front of them and all over the yards. We got close to see and this dude ran out to talk with us about it. He went over the whole logistics and engineering of them along with the steam engine he built. He builds along with his brother and they have all sorts of stuff inside the houses. Stuff like robots, drones, mechanical parts, probably spy things, and more; he called himself,  along with his brother, Q. I definitely got to go back to talk to him more. 

This week has been amazing 👏 and there's so much tonwrite about. First it's wonderful being in this area again; it's a mix between new/exciting and nostalgic/deja vu, with a hint a potomac goodness. Seriously being next to my old area is hitting differently, but it also gives a sense of accomplishment because I've come so far and grown so much in this past year. 

Second has been meeting this new ward and immediately setting up visits with them. We've met the Faracos, Andersons(who took us out to ice cream), Moalas(who fed us fish tacos), and the Fereiras(yeah the family that Elder Hales and Johnston baptized). They're all great and the ward is super nice. 

There are some less actives we are working with and trying to help. One is overcoming a smoking addiction and the other is slowly trying to find a faith and it's leading g back to our church(shes started reading the Torah now). 

Speaking of the Torah, we ran into a Jewish man who was very educated in religion and called us fellow nephites, wow, and he gave us a Jewish prayer book. 

Now this area has been struggling for a couple months now and didn't hit a single January goal, sadly 😞 

So it's time to turn things around, and believe me the gears are turning now. We've given out a few Books of Mormon and made a few dots. We even set a recurring lesson every Saturday morning with a part member family to teach them and eventually unite them in the temple. Some return appointments keep going around.

We're also working hard on the potential dots here and trying to get them to events, like morning basketball on Saturday which was fun, but the two goons who said yes, didn't come 😡💥

For extra fun things, it snowed my first full day here and it was beautiful to see. 

Apparently there's a vampire 🧛‍♀️ in this area, so sound the horns were hunting demons with Van Helsing. 

We do our studies by the river and it's awesome 

The stake had some boundary changes so three wards don't exist anymore. That's going to be pure chaos when transfers roll around. Who am I kidding, it crazy now because several companionships are double covering areas. 

There's been a couple ETs and we lost Sister Renzello to Annadale, sad, but se signed our constitution. Yeah for district council we set goals for us and signed it, our constitution. 

It's been working wonders cause I've started exercising again and it feels great. We're all going to get abs after this.

Oh and today we went to the cool Alexandria church building that's inside and apartment building, it's crazy cool. 

Somehow I finessed my bike into the closet cause it was blocking the hall. Pretty impressive. 

I'm taking some time away from my friend Luke Bryan and now I'm hanging out with my bro Dwayne. 

Lastly was this super cool splits event we did with the youth in the stake. We went with Sam Player and worked in Kingstowne. It was the best amd we had every type of experience their. Service, a woman crying and saying we're answer to her prayers, not interesteds and no answers. I had Sam knock the last door knighted him an honorary missionary. He did great and gave a full message. After this he said he really felt the spirt from us and it now definitely going to serve a mission. It was so amazing. 

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