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Elder Balzer - 1/16/2023

Hello Hello, 

There's been a finding frenzy this past week and it's been awesome. Lots of cool people from different cultures and countries, like Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, India, Sweden, and more 

The best part of the week though has been my main man Angelo. Several lessons and he accepted a big invitation.

Drumroll please ..... he is on date to be baptized on February 11th!

The cherry on top was getting lunch and going to a baptismal service for Manassas 1st friend Joe. 

There was also some tea spilled for our recent convert Donna, by Sister Lindner. They discovered that there may have been a reason she was in the nursing home and it wasn't because of the hernia. She has memory loss which is why she can't remember what we talked about during our lesson. Bless her heart, now to help we'll be calling throughout the week to read with her. 

It's kinda like a 50 first dates situation with her. 

Now the coolest find was just last night. Met a man with his dog, Lady, amd he was really knowledgeable about the church. He knew about some church history, the prophets, the gosh dang Urim and Thumim for crying out loud. I didn't even know what that was till the mission. 

Then before we parted he said he had one question, now I'm sweating, but it was actually genuine. He asked if we knew which direction Christ would come and if all the angel Moroni statues pointed in that direction. 

I've heard about that, but don't know myself. So now I'm wiping away the spider webs and searching the archives. If anyone has the answer I would greatly appreciate the help. 

For little things, I've found my Moses staff while searching the woods. I'm gonna woodwork my way to glory and fulfill my screensaver. Don't have a picture, yet cause I want to take a before and after picture

There's a keepnote for the zone to update how they'll daily contact friends. No one really uses it, so I've decided to have some fun and spice it up. Everyday I'm putting someone random to contact and get a laugh. So far it's been your mom and swiper the fox. The ZLs are playing along cause they check out the keepnote.

Then there's some nice missionary pictures as well along with me getting trapped by two adorable pitbulls that just want to love everyone. I'll be seeing them every Saturday for Sister Oxfurths visit. 

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