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Elder Balzer - 1/9/2023

Another week bites the dust and what a staked week it was. Everyday had at least one lesson. We had a couple days where lessons would be back to back and they were awesome. This week felt so much different compared to others just because of how busy I got to be. 

During this week we had a couple more zoom lessons with Angelo and he came to church with us. We had to go over to his house to wake him up though cause turns out he's a night owl. Dude goes to bed at 4am, that better then my record and what's crazy is Abdenour is getting up two hours later to start driving 4 hours to get to work.  

Og Abdenour, the man of many talents. Any language you talk to him with he'll know. He talks to everyone at church in a different language, it's crazy. He's crazy, the guy beat bone cancer, learns languages, and works as a mechanic all day until he passes out. Yeah he had cancer, and what's funny/not funny is when you read his timeliness a year ago when he had it, you can read some missionaries report like "after 4 knocks he finally answered" Still this guy is committed and will come to church every week. He also told us about himself this week and a little about his home country of Algeria. He's awesome. 

Thursday was a very stacked day with service, then a zone leadership meeting after that we stayed in non-prose. It was the hundred nugget meeting and we discussed what flavor sauce was the best, also some district stuff, we also talked about Elder Rosenburg and watch a video about him. Then we had weekly planning, a lesson with Angelo, our neighbor who had been taught a lot before and who's wifi we may ask for, and a new member in the ward, brother Buck who looks serious, but is just a fun guy who loves Harry Potter and made us cookies. We also stopped by McDonald's after a family history night and ran into the STLs there. We scared them first by taking a picture and sending it to them. 

Speaking of members though, that one guy we had a return appointment to see last Monday turned out to be an inactive member who was looking to be in the church again. We had a good discussion and passed him to the YSA, after making them think he was a super elect friend about to be baptized, hahaha. Still Tony was cool and he can ask him to join us for stuff cause he's close. 

Friday was crazy though. Let me set the scene, we we're essentially in radio silence to most people cause we weren't getting responses for awhile. So while we were getting some good chinese food(thanks to the Jenkins finds and the Masseys suggesting the place) we swapped the sim card back to my phone and we just got a flood of texts, drowning in texts and teriyaki sauce. 

To my great astonishment we got a text from Bro Mckeen(emergency prep guy), well he wasn't doing too hot. He was in the hospital with an pneumonia and was asking for a blessing. So we ran(drove) over there and had Bro Lindner join us for the blessing. I'm praying for the guy, he's helped me a lot(patched up my broken nail and finger). That day we also had an Atonement centered mission zoom that we watched from a Firestone getting an oil change. It was incredible and the Atonement is definitely something I want to study more. There's so much to it and the infinite yet personal aspect is so fascinating. This was also the day the rules were a little greyed cause we went out of the zone a few times, accidentally of course, but still. I felt like a pirate just sailing where I please across the zone seas with the government on my tail. 

Saturday was also super stacked with purpose cause it was exchange day. We had it split 3 and 3. It was good to have that so they could have some teaching exercise. I went with Elders Hardy and it was just bananas. Never thought I would find myself hunting for spots to take a leak, but Elder Hardy has one can of soda and his bladder shrinks down to an inch. We also went by GMU, got some member root beer floats, found some super inactive member who gave us wine tips, and talked about how we're doing. Out of everything I'm remembering those wine tips cause I think I found my side business it's just that I don't know if it's righteous. 

Some other fun things was finding a Roman Catholic straight from Roma, accent and everything. We ran into Javier again and have started working with him. We've been doing more stuff at Costco cause Elder Campbell has a member card. We mostly go for lunch, although we've could've always done that by just walking(sneaking) in. I found a cool escape room place next to our house, it's a little pricey, but we may make some sacrifices and only eat rice to go. We found some awesome monster truck that we got pictures of, it's owned by a member and I'm going to find a way to get a ride and also reactivate them, but mostly the first thing. 

I also gave a great training for the district that I got a picture of. Those new missionaries really needed it. 

Now later today we've got a meeting with our MIA ward mission leader. Before that we're going pawn shop/thrift store hunting for cool stuff(maybe a weapon, but i dont think thats allowed so shhh, i just want a cool knife or anything bigger if i can find it, imagine tracting with a sword, now people will listen). I got a nice gift from my grandpa and so I'm going to use it and go there. 

I'm adding a nice family pic too. Love'em

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