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Elder Orgill - 1/16/2023

     Buenos días su merced. What's going on in my life? Because some Elders went home president had to shut some areas, leaving us with the world's smallest zone of 8 missionaries! We'll see what happens this transfer. We had interviews with President and my interview went on way to long, he was able to help me with so many things! I have a testimony that he truly is an inspired priesthood leader and that this church is led by God.


     We had an exchange with the missionaries in Chicalá and I went with Liljenquist. We almost got robbed in our exchange and my companion back in our home area ACTUALLY got robbed haha. Fun stuff. We did have an amazing day, so many lessons. We got ice cream, sat down inside of the store, and taught like 10 people that were inside! We also were supposed to have a baptism interview with some kids in Chicalá, but something must have happened cause their mom said that she never wanted to see us again and that we weren't allowed to talk with her kids. We will let them figure out that family.


     Do you guys remember how a few weeks ago we taught a thief over the phone who had robbed one of our investigadores? He apparently felt bad after our chastising and returned the phone the day after 🤣. So, we finally were able to teach our friend Leder again a few times! He doesn't have much time to his crazy schedules as a security guard, but we make it work.


    Yesterday we had so many flipping church attendances! Between investigadores and members the whole chapel was filled. In fact, they had to break more bread and fill more water cups after and administer a second blessing because it just wasn't enough! That's what we want every week!


     Our friends Diana and Liliana are both progressing insanely fast! Liliana in our last visit asked us out of the blue, "what do I need to do to get baptized in your church, what are the commandments I need to follow?". So, we had an amazing lesson with her basically going over all of the commandments. Diana also asked us a similar question and we are working with her to get a baptism date! These past three weeks we have had like 40 lessons where we invited a member, we have seen so many miracles as we involve them in the work!! Being a missionary is so awesome.


     That's pretty much a brief overview of my week, a lot of miracles and fun stuff. Thanks for reading my email, ciao ciao


- Elder "Jorge"

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