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Elder Orgill - 1/9/2023

Hey friends! How's it going? We had a great week with a lot of lessons! The Zone is still going well, we've lost two Elders who both went home early, fun stuff. The weather here in Bogotá is pretty nice now, it has only rained once in the past month!! It feels like home but a little bit colder and nobody speaks English.


 I wish that something cool had happened this week or I had something funny to write about, but this week we just worked crazy hard. We have new goals as a mission, to have members present in lessons with it friends. So, this week we have 15 lessons where we invited members! It was so awesome seeing the impact that the members have in the work, we saw so many awesome miracles these last 7 days I can’t even believe it. A lot of the people we have taught are new and seem to have a ton of potential, we'll see if there are any baptism dates in the next few weeks! Go help your local missionaries out!!


We also have been using the computers in the church's family history room to work twice as fast! I am able to find people on Facebook and send messages, while my companion calls all of our investigadores over the phone to set up lessons! I feel like an office Elder haha


Random facts:


-I bought some ponchos 


-I got stuck in an investigator's bathroom for an hour cause the handle broke off


-I saw my first rooster fight in the street




That's all folks! Tune in next week!


-Elder Orgill 

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