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Elder Balzer - 1/23/2023

No kidding this week I ran into the sweetest old lady. It was in Abdenours building and right when the elevator doors opened she was right there with her stuff on a cart with stuff falling off. I immediately caught the whatvwas sliding off and thus began the wonderful experience with Nancy. She's that level of nice old lady who says she's got it when in reality we know she don't. So you saty persistent and say your helping amd after tears of joy and sobs of thanks the work begins. 

She has this nice armenian accent and we've helped her a couple times now and even shared about the Book of Mormon. She'll be baptized, and as we work towards that we're helping her out. She just boosts the day when she talks to you and her compliments are so worth it. 

We talked about baptism with Abdenour and is fully down for it which is awesome. We're working out a date for him. The service should be in multiple languages to fit with him. No one would be able to understand a thing, but it would be funny. 

Angelo's mom came into town from Bolivia. She's super nice and right now they are all in New York for a couple days. 

A couple small lessons happened throughout the week with some peeps and they were pretty cool. We got a couple return appointments coming up along with an english class that we are going to figure out for this Korean woman. I ain't speek good engrish, but shoot y knot. 

This was also a rest week and by that I mean I was resting for a few days. I got a little sickness that even the godsend tylenol couldn't fix. Oh so sick, but I still powered when I could for meetings. 

It did lead to funny moment of driving into Fair Oaks and seeing the other Elders on the road walking. I paparazzid them so hard. 

There's also been a change to the mission supply orders. Now it goes through the district leader at district council. They even gave out a whole packet with a clipboard and now I feel so official.

In the grand scheme of supply orders it actually just added an extra step, but it gave me a clipboard so who cares 😉 

Now for random moments I came across a satanist/atheist. It was weird and he joined a religion that's basically a club, but I don't know what benefits he would get. He did have that cool goat head/devil symbol matt though. 

For pics we have my paparazzi moment.

A picture with my good buddy Luke Bryan, about to see him again on Wednesday.

Finally the best door around, it also made me think of the picture of Christ outside the door with no handle. 

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