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Elder Balzer - 1/30/2023

The news is out, the results are in, now drumroll please 🥁 

We'll first the week then the big reveal, although the subject gives a hint 😉 

It was a sweet finding week, both missionary and detective style 🔎 

I'm also using emojis now, cause why not.

Two cool people, Dedi, a nice Italian 🇮🇹 woman who was supposed to die two years ago, but after seeing Jesus in an energy therapy place she's lived on and found an interest in religion. 

The second is Antonio, the hustler, who let us in all energetically amd called us family. He was cool with the Book of Mormon and started reading it in Spanish, but wants to come to the English ward to learn. 

I'll take from everyone. I don't care if they live outside the area, are YSA, or Spanish. I'll teach them all. 📊 

Anyway he's involved with stocks and talked about his broker, who's Warren Bufet on steroids, and a bunch of side jobs. He's actually pretty shady, but who cares. 

We also met with Brayan again and he's a part guy  🥳 getting black out drunk in Miami and missing flights, what a guy. 

Next was a cool experience. I actually got to meet with the venom truck members for dinner and it was awesome. They are super nice amd told us all about their family, conversion, how they helped start the Chinese program here in Virginia, and more. They are working with families, inviting them to the temple and setting up a meeting with missionaries. See, they're awesome. 

Now for the big event was that they asked to move their records to Clifton and are taking a break due to a bit of a crisis and a disagreement with leadership. You see, a mallory legal case went down and Sister Shen was an attorney caught in-between. It lead to issues and the rest is history. 🚚 

The last leader meeting was held and we celebrated a great transfer and a miracle took place after. We finally found Angelo driving back. His car 🚗 was getting repaired and he was outside talking with the mechanic. He's just been sick and after talking he said he's just bad at responding to texts. He got taught the last commandments and I gave him a blessing. He's so awesome and is keeping his faith strong. 

We gave another blessing to Viola after going to see her in Bent Tree 🌳 

Next was Nancy getting overwhelmed by her 15 thousand racks of clothes and moving. Plus a judge 👨‍⚖️ told her to stop seeing missionaries for the time being. Even when she drops us I still can't escape her. Poking her head out the door and starring at us down the hall or walking up when we're in the lobby with mysterious Antonio. 

Plus that building ain't doing hot anymore cause people are dropping us and we may be wanted by security/management, well the management of every place. It why I'm now carrying my legal minister license, cause I ain't be soliciting. 🇦🇲 

Well now for the big news, transfers. President Kid called and Campbell is going to district lead and train, which got me wondering, will I be freed from Clifton. Then the boards came out and my jaw dropped. I'm going to be the district leader ... of the Mount Vernon District!! I'm going to be in my old zone leaders area in Mt Vernon, next to my old area! It's so awesome getting to over there again! Now with a year of experience under my belt, let's give this zone a run for its money. I ain't your average ordinary missionary anymore, I've risen up and become a legend. In reality I've learned a lot and I'm excited. 

Also Elder Daynes is gonna be in the same zone, Sister Renzello is in my district(my district is all sisters), and Elder Wheeler is going to be my ZL so exchanges will just like a normal day again. 

I've said bye to people and took pictures to remember.

Now for story time. A bittersweet story. I lost two close family members this transfer, back to back and I got news of the second, my aunt, last week Monday night. She had a miracle recovery from a near death experience, but passed away the first night home. Now that was most of the bitter, but just like sour patch kids, it's time for the sweet. 

That night she had read the Book of Mormon I sent to her daughter for Christmas. I was going to send it to someone else, but changed last minute, amd now I know why, it was a prompting to do this, an act of faith. This one small act has an eternal impact on the family. She now has some knowledge where she is now. It was testimony builder for sure, and it's something I'll always remember. 

These past few months have done a lot to me and for me. My feelings are mixed at the moment, but I wouldn't want to take anything back. I am who I am, because of every experience I've had and there's so much I've learned. I have faith in someone greater than me and with that faith comes hope in all the promises made, hope for a better tomorrow. A hope I'm willing to fight for.

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