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Elder Balzer - 2/20/2023

👋 Hey guys, 

I had a nice week here with some pretty amazing moments.

We taught both of our friends again. Rachel's was awesome and we work so well together because Larson has a new/sincere testimony and I have the gospel knowledge to lead. We had a long lesson with her covering the whole plan of salvation and some commandments.

Albert was a bit trickier, but I got it. The apps don't have a full Twi translation and he can't see very well. So I got on knees next to him getting everything downloaded amd the videos ready. We taught some of the plan of salvation speed round. I love when people say they're tired or short on time, but let us in when we say it's just a minute. Then a lesson and  20 mins later we walk out. He's gonna try coming to church this week.

Had a fun exchange with the ZLs in the city. I was with Elder Gray, ex AP amd it was awesome. We saw a lot of miracles and funny moment. 

We had zone conference and it was super special. Elder Haynie from the general authorities came to talk with us. I took so.e nice notes on the whole thing and it really stuck with me. 

We set a mega bug goal for the mission. It's to baptize weekly and we are all working super hard for it and seeing some great progress. 

We met with a lot of members and we are working hard on a part member family. We'll get Frank alright and reactivate his wife. 

Valentines day(aka single awarness day)(aka every missionarys favorite holiday), was fun. We had a woman scream bloody murder at us when she opened the door and earlier that day was the worst bash I was ever apart of. It just devolved into something of an argument between her and I while Larson was there cause she cut him off hard. Long story short I won and we marked her red on the map to never come back. 

For fun side things, I'm on a funko pop craze now. Going to different places to search for them, but let me tell you it's hard to find the ones you want.

I also got another sword. George Washington's sword ... in a letter opener form anyway. Yeah we went to Mt Vernon again, it was awesome. 

We also found some awesome study places in are apartment building. They got pool and it's gonna be great. 

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