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Elder Balzer - 2/13/2023

So we had an absolutely fire week here in the Vern. There was just so much and it was all so good. To fit it all without writing an essay, I'm going to abridge it. 

We had a lot of members visits, at least one a day. It was really good practice for teaching and more LSI is always a good thing. Members can make better missionaries you know, cause their actual people and don't move every couple months. 7 billion member missionaries vs 50k missionary missionaries. Let the battle begin. 

We had an excellent district council meeting where both Elder Wheeler(ZL) and Elder Garff(AP) joined. It's really cool to have a reunion like that, especially when they've been my companions and district leaders. I've learned a lot from them. 

For the meeting we covered planning and I made a whole fake area and sample planner to fill. Then we covered our importance as missionaries in these days again; a big confidence/motivation builder.

After for our zone meeting we went over Facebook and how we can better use it. It's not pretty, but I'm willing. So I went through my groups, dropped them amd joined a bunch of others to try to talk to people. 

We've had some fun exploring the area, going around cool spots by the river and old historic fort areas. One of the spots even had a cannon, yeah a cannon! It was awesome. 

One big event was Tuesday. I overheard a conversation between Sister Crankshaw and Larson which lead to ne talking with him in the morning. He's been struggling hard and I gave a full report of that secretly to the ZLs before our exchange Latter that night. It went super well thanks to that and he's been doing much better now and even had a testimony building moment with the Book of Mormon 

Lastly has been the grand success we've been having in the area. We've given out all our Books of Mormon, have made a few dots, and we made a couple friends. That the first for this area in months; it's also been the first for Elder Larson since he started his mission. 

They are both awesome, one is super ghanaian and will be fun to work with every Sunday. The other, Rachel is just the best. The almost hour long first contact/lesson was the best and we are seeing her again on Wednesday. 

Now for fun stories: 

We knocked into a muslim wearing a cross who said they were orthodox which was super funny. I'm like, what's with the cross then, amd she's like ughhh.

Spanish bread lady was a member in the Spanish branch. She gives everyone bread. She played us and we laughed with old Town D about it. We went to the mission home for an interview for Larson. It was cool going back.I got to touch sand again. It has been so long since I've been to a beach, I've missed it. 

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