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Subsequential order-Craig Orgill

Updated: May 29, 2022

Good morning, brothers, and sisters. For those of you that don't know me, my name is Craig, Brother Orgill, Bishop Orgill's son. I was asked to talk to you today about the subsequential order of things. I was looking over at brother snow and I was wondering how he's gonna translate that word, Good luck.

All right, so I was thinking about this and order and how it plays a part of our lives. And as I came in the sacrament meeting today, I saw half of our congregation stand up because they got released. And then I saw the other half, they got called, and I thought of my 46 years on the planet, how often our callings get changed, Sometimes we're excited about it. Sometimes we're goin wait a sec, why did I get called to that position. Sometimes we're thinking I've been in this position for a long time. How come I didn't get released today? Maybe no one else is having that thought but I have a feeling, there are a few people.

It's amazing how much we serve and how many people just stood up this morning or didn't stand up. They did such an amazing job, with either our young woman or Sunday school primary. And how I know that those that were called today were called for a reason. Part of the order of what God has planned for us. I was watching a TV show about two nights ago, I like documentaries. And for those of us that have ever been to a desert, they have a big desert out in Marwar in Southeast Asia and there's also another desert out in Morocco called the Sahara Desert. And they have two trees out in those regions. One of those trees is called an Argon and the other one's called something that I'm going to butcher here, Leo Casello tree. And these two trees are the substance of life. Without these trees you can't have a family out in the desert, Think of a desert. No humidity, Its 110 degrees out there, there's no water anywhere. They get less than half an inch of rain. How do you live out there? Well its these trees. If you have one of those trees you can live there as a family. Why? Because these trees provide some vegetation, some food, but more importantly, they provide food for goats. Goats are the sustenance of life out in the desert. They provide meat, clothing, they provide milk, butter, and cheese. People can live out there they just need these goats. These goats can even climb up the trees. They go up to the tree and eat the seeds and since goats have two or three different stomachs, they can digest these hard shells of seeds. Then they go out to the desert and what do they do? They do their business, right? Usually it takes a decade or two for these trees to grow or start to sprout. You start to get more trees and more people to live. It's interesting, the order of things in very hard places.

I think of Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. In the beginning of Scriptures what do we learn about in primary. Primary kids we learn about the creation, right? And there was seven different days which were actually thousands of years. What it did heavenly father and his son do Well, they did some pretty amazing things. I can't imagine what it's like to separate light from darkness. You think about those seven days, and some of those 7 days only got one verse. In a 1000 years we'll give it a verse. We'll give it five words, right? It's amazing to think that was one of the things that was done. Think about the fact that there was a day where they separated the land and the sea, which was thousands of years, That was the order of things.

And just yesterday, I went with some of my kids to an arboretum. One of these, I don't even know what they are. They are like places where they grow flowers and trees and plants. And it was pretty awesome. It was fun to see about a thousand different plants all within a little mile and a half jog. And looking at all these flowers and really staring up close at a flower and the ornament detail of each one of these flowers. Man, I hope sometime in the millennia, I get to be that guy that gets to create those types of things. I think about how that was part of the order of creation. And then it went from there with Adam and Eve.

Think about the order of certain things that really stunk. Think of poor Moses and the children of Israel. They got to spend 40 years in the desert eating manna. Okay, That doesn't sound like a fun order, right? I think a Nephi and the many, many years, he spent looking for the promised land with his quite interesting family. I think of Joseph Smith to have a vision like that and then be told: "Okay, I'm gonna tell you about this amazing thing you know, I want you to wait four years before you go find it. Even though I showed you kind of where it's going to be." That order and patience, taught Joseph Smith I have a feeling. I have a feeling we have to do things on the Lords time.

There's a scripture in Alma that I like. Alma 32:33 it says, and now behold because he had tried the experiment and planted the seed and it swelled and it sprouted and begin to grow, Ye needs to know that the seed is good. Now, behold is your knowledge. Perfect. Yay. Your knowledge is perfect in that thing from your faith is dormant.

How often and I have a lot of friends. I have friends that have left the gospel or are taking us about we will say, And it's often times that they rely on their own knowledge of something, their wisdom, their infinite knowledge of I don't understand something, so it must not be right, because I'm so smart. And yet I think of our Father in heaven and it took them many, many thousands of years to create just one sector of the creation, And I'm relying on my own knowledge to understand something that I might not totally understand. That's part of the order of things.

Sometimes, I think of order and good things in life. I love to eat. You don't get to be this beautifully big by not letting me eat. Theres people here in this audience in our congregation, I think I saw Sister Campbell's name. She makes delicious cream puffs, right? Sister Nordfelt there and she feeds Bishop Nordfelt quite well. Sister Arnold over there makes every dessert under the sky. I got brother Rico Gubernick here he could make the best barbecue on the planet. Sister Hoke, If you've never had her chocolate cake, you're missing out on life. Okay, can you imagine if any one of these individuals decided that they were going to make a chocolate cake and they were going to go out of order of ingredients? What would happen? You'd probably end up with some burnt baby back ribs or your cookies would be Very flat. Or your chocolate cake would taste more like a fudge.

Some of us in our congregation If they don't do the order of things correctly, We've got people here that are good at building things. We got some people here Brother Struhs or brother Christianson that are our carpenters. Imagine if they were going to build a cabinet or something with wood, They decide next. I feel like I'm gonna stain first. Let's stain this beautiful cabinet and now I'm going to start to sand and now I'm going to start to cut and now I'm going to put nails in and at the very end I'm going to start to measure things. Right? What's that gonna look like? It's going to look like Brother Craig Orgill's house. Okay? Where organization does not exist, because my poor lovely wife has five kids and myself, which makes seven, and a dog. Part of the order of our house is not perfect. But order is important in our lives.

Sometimes we try to cut corners. Anybody cut corners? I do. I went on a hike, me and your sweet bishop here and he has all sorts of great ideas. We went to Zion, we went to a place called Subway, about 21 miles or about 11 to 13 miles. And you go to a canyon and you do some propelling and you go through waterfalls. And we could not get down this quick and we were trying to look for a shortcut. So we did what every good leader would do. We sent two young men that we didn't need to go forward and go look off the cliff, right? Yeah, we stand at the edge of the cliff, where there was no trail. This was a rock climbers trail where you could repel several hundred feet before you got to the bottom. We didn't lose those boys that day. And then we eventually have a little patience and walk back the trail and found our way down, right? We want to skip out on the order of things There's times in life I think you teenagers, you guys always study for a test. No, I have a feeling that some of you guys are in seminary in the morning, sharing those notes with each other, right? Then right before class starts you're gonna do what Brother Orgill did. You're gonna study and cram because you're just gonna take a shortcut. I'm gonna pass this test.

Now sometimes we take shortcuts in life with prayer. I can tell you there's many at night where I'm tired, and I'm laying in my bed, I didn't say my prayers, which is more often than not, and I'm laying there. Go, okay, time for my prayer. I'm gonna lay here. It's gonna last 10 seconds of walleye, right? I take that shortcut. Sometimes we take shortcuts with lessons or things that we do for work Right? Sometimes we prepare. Who here is prepared a talk during sacrament? I have. Sometimes we want to take shortcuts and all we do is sometimes hurt ourselves.

Sometimes we take shortcuts in cleanliness. I have a child who's on a mission. Who is a great missionary. He struggles with cleanlines. There's a great novel called, Where The Sidewalk Ends, If you haven't read it, I recommend it. And there's a gal, in the poem called Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout. She did not want take the garbage out and it's this great story about how she had quite a dirty bedroom and everything else. Poor Sarah's fate was that she had trash from New York to Golden State. And sometimes we take little tiny shortcuts in life, such as cleaning our rooms. But when we do things the right way and we do things orderly, we get a better outcome

For those that are in primary I think of the fourth article of faith and I want you primary kids to think about it, If you know it. We believe in the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are first, And second repentance, third baptism by immersion for remission of sin or laying on the hands for the gift of the holy Ghost. There's an order. Everybody here at church today is following that order and you don't even realize that. You have come to church today. You had faith to come to church today. You've probably repented somewhere along the way this week for doing something small and innocent. We don't need to get baptized every week but we took the sacrament over here which is essentially getting baptized again. Where you have a chance to have a remission of sins.

And I hope the reason I come to church, there's a little bit of habit, there's a little bit of, hey, I got a family, but the reality is, I come to church, not because I wouldn't rather be out in the ocean right now or playing soccer, doing something fun. I come here because usually during sacrament meeting, after I've had the sacrament I get to hear the spirit the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it's because I'm reading a hymn or I read one line. Or Sometimes because somebody comes up and sings a beautiful song I feel the spirit. Sometimes you have a speaker that comes up and says two or three lines that gets me through another week. Those are the reasons I come to church, But back to the order of things, the fourth article of Faith teaches that the Lord has taught us often that we get built before me, right? We get the good creamy milkshake before we get the prime rib as far as what we learn and we need it. I certainly do.

If there's someone who's had a great order of things that was who? Jesus Christ our Savior. Think about his life. Think about how initially as a child he taught at the temple when he was a very young boy, Then he grew in strength and stature and wisdoms. The teenage years he spent three years ministering and teaching and miracles. And then his last week, which we have many chapters about. How he taught the sacrament, how he had the atonement for all of us, and how he passed away, died on a cross so that we can return to live with our father in heaven. And then he was resurrected. There was an order.

Sometimes in life, brothers, and sisters, things don't happen to the way we want. Sometimes the best way we get stretched and learn is when we go through trials and tribulations and challenges. At least in my life its so much easier to look back at why I went through something. You know why I had a calling or why I got exposed to something, but that is part of the progress and order to growth. I'm grateful to be a member of the Church. I know Heavenly father has a more for us. He wants us to return and live with him and there's life not too much longer after death.

The gospel is true and I hope that you know that heavenly Father loves you. Im grateful that you're here and I say this is in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.



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