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Sister Roberts - Week 10

Hey everyone! This week blew by and I don't really have many great stories, but I'll find something to write an email about! On New Year's Eve we called number neighbors which is basically just tracking on phones. We just started with an investigators number and then went one up from there offering to help people with their spiritual goals for 2022. We left about 40 or 50 voicemails, 6 were out of service, and 3 people somehow blocked us?? Without us even knowing the number? I didn't know that was possible but good for them for beating us to the punch I guess. We also found 5 interested people but 3 of them spoke Spanish and one moved to Mexico so we had to pass them off to other missionaries. But we're working with Hope!! Super exciting. We have the generic voicemail lady memorized. But we had it down way long ago this just made it more annoying. It's fun calling people all the time though, we've definitely got their voicemail down.

"HI, this is Alethia. If you leave your name and your phone number, and the time that you called, I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and Go- may God bless."

"This is Ms. Kim. Please leave your name and a brief message and get back to me layerI WILL contact you as soon as possible." (This one is a LIE she has never called us back)

"Uh, yes hi this is Sandra uhhhhh *Last name I don't wanna share* if you wanna leave a message, go ahead."

Etc etc the list goes on no one answers their phone

Half of my district was in quarantine this week so we did a group FaceTime call and had a fight night debate on which Book of Mormon hero was the best. The fight was categorized by who could win in a fist fight, who could win a Bible bash, and who could convert the Pope the fastest. I chose Gideon who is EPIC if you don't know his story you should study up on him. He's awesome. Elder Black ended up winning with Moroni (not the captain) but it was a close battle between him and Elder Miller with Alma the Younger. It was good fun! We also called on New Year's Eve at 9:29 and counted down until missionary midnight because we're supposed to be in bed by 10:30. We had sparkling cider and celebrated 2022 which was so fun!

I'm so grateful for technology! We've been able to get in contact with so many missionaries from around the world to help people that we've met, which is so amazing! We also had my grandpa's funeral yesterday that I was able to call into and participate in. Technology is so great!

Love you all!!!

Sister Roberts

Pictures :)

New Year's! x2

New Year's with the district!

Sister Zoet gave us clothes but none of them fit. So this is me wearing her party shorts on New Year's.

Sister Hohney gave us shoes and so we wore them to disc golf with the district today. I was wearing the ones on Sister Stoddard's feet but the ones I'm wearing started to hurt her so we switched halfway through. Here's us in the shoes :)



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