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Sister Roberts - Week 7

Hello everyone!! This week went really fast and was a little lame so I don't have much to write about.

Transfer news!! Me and Sister Stoddard are staying in this area which is fun. 7 more weeks in Converse, Universal City and Woodlake :)) were losing two elders from the district which is a bummer, but hopefully the new elders can hang. One of them is going to be brand new so I won't be the rookie anymore!!

We had Christmas Zone Conference! And we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas!! (Approved by the mission president of course) I felt so apostate hehe but it was fun! Me and a ton of other sisters feat. Elder Ibarra and Elder Black on the piano sang a musical number for the conference, and ended up taking a quick video after... I'll try to include it in this email but no promises. It'll definitely be on my Facebook for sure.

We had two more ward parties on Saturday, one for breakfast and one for dinner. For dinner they got barbecue from Rudy's which has some pretty dang good BBQ sauce if I do say so myself.

I continue to be a hot commodity among children, I have three new best friends!! Two of them, Henry (5) and Luis (3) are brothers, and then there's also Grayson (4). All of them wanted me to come upstairs after dinner to show me all of their toys (!!!!) You could say it's pretty serious.

At our UC Christmas party it was so cute, they set out cards for people to write their testimonies on that we could then take to people we are teaching or who we know could use the love during Christmas!! I'll include some of my favorites in the pictures.

Also included in the pictures- right before the Christmas party we had a long lesson with our friend Pam who has not yet learned about the Word of Wisdom... we were essentially trying to air out or clothes and hair so that we didn't walk into a room full of members smelling like smoke... awkward

Have a good week! And merry almost Christmas!!

Sister Roberts

Favorite testimony cards x2

Spinning super fast to not smell like smoke x2

Christmas zone conference with the district

Zone conference with the comp

Elder Miller

Hopefulllllyyyyy the video of us singing?? If not check the Facebook sometime this week :)


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